I am not perfect. I am aware of some failings I have (even without others pointing them out).

However, I am determined to not lose IT.

I do get distracted. I recognise that am not always as focused as I want to be.

Following on from yesterday’s post – I just wondered whether we could have a time of online confession. Often at Church I’ll encourage the congregation to leave all the ‘stuff’ at the foot of the cross, after all Jesus encouraged us to cast our burdens on Him.

So…can you be honest…

…what distracts you from God?
…what gets in the way of you doing your best for him?
…what steals the time you want to give to God?

I’ll even start.

…my own self absorption. Thinking that ‘me’ time is a good reason not to spend time with God. I can do that quite a bit.

Now it’s your turn!

3 thoughts on “Not Losing IT: Distractions

  1. these posts are becoming increasingly challenging!

    What distracts me? I think I have 3 main distrations:

    Like you after a busy day I am likely to put ‘me’ time ahead of ‘God’ time.

    Also I have become aware of putting church ahead of God at times, in that sometimes I am so focussed on what I am doing in Church, that my focus shifts from God. Easy to do when you are busy and active in the Church, and something I am currently trying to address. Watching others who are active and in leadership roles to see how they balance doing church with their focus on God.

    Finally – family life, with 3 growning boys in the house, I rarely find a peaceful time just to be with God and concentrate on my spiritual development. I reckon I’ve got two choices with this one, demand some peace or learn how to find peace amongst the distraction, neither is easy and both will present their own challenge, not sure which option I’ll choose.

  2. On reflection reading my post I don’t want people to think that you should departmentalise your world and put God into a particular slot. God is the God of all your life.

    I think what I’m challenged is in the doing of the things I know I should be doing that will help me in my walk with God and what stops me from doing them. (Hope that makes sense)

  3. Two things distract me from God I think, first is confidence and wondering what everybody else is thinking about me.

    The other is what ifs. For every reason I make to do something, I can make another 10 to go against it. 😛

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