You know that feeling. Something inside you just won’t go away. It keeps niggling at you. The only response is to act, do something, to make a move in some way. This is what Bill Hybels describes as your Holy Discontent.

As someone who doesn’t struggle with vision, I love books like this. They remind you, like a slap around the head, what you are supposed to be doing with your Christian walk. Not just living the comfortable life waiting for heaven but acting when you see something you just can’t stand anymore. You know…it’s not about us!

Whatever it is for you…don’t resist it. Bill Hybels says that you should ‘feed it’ not hide from it. Don’t insulate yourself from what wrecks you. Instead, increase your exposure. Then he says you need to ‘fight for it’. Just because it’s difficult, maybe even impossible or tough times hit you doesn’t mean you stop. It means you fight. It’s got to be worth the risk.

The next is the exciting part…follow it! Any holy discontent has the potential to morph. If it does then just ‘follow it’ where it takes you. I love that thought.

One intriguing idea in the book is when he talks about something called the ‘fundamental state’. This is when a person is gripped by a powerful passion that they literally enter into a completely different state of mind. ‘Normal state’ is being self-absorbed. The fundamental state cares more about getting the right results not what people think. Interesting?

Looking for volunteers? Want to help people discover their holy discontent? What to ignite some new passions in people – then I recommend you read this book and more importantly, you get everyone else to read it too. Get your copy here.

‘A bad day lived from the energy of your holy discontent is far better than the best day lived anywhere else.’

[What’s yours?]

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