I know – grammatically incorrect but it made you look.

For those of you at Xcel Darlington over the last couple of weeks you have heard my heart. My vision for what I really believe God wants of us. It wasn’t not new. It wasn’t revolutionary either. It was back to the basics of Christian living.

3 things that anyone can do.
3 things that if done with faith can make a difference to the people in your world.
3 things that help us become the kind of church I think God wants us to become.

Bold, I know.
Challenging, yes.
Easy, maybe – if you love God, want others to love God and are committed to doing something!

So here goes.

PRAY. When was the last time you really prayed? I mean really prayed. And not for something you wanted but for the lost, someone in your world or not. When was the last time you ached for the lost? If you can talk, you can pray!

ENCOURAGE. Go to work with a sense of ‘I’m going to encourage some today’. If you see them as a pain, they probably will be. Why not view them how God does…as His child, with all that potential to be what God sees in them. Make their day. If you can talk, you can tell them thanks!

ASK. We wait for people to come to Church, while Jesus said we were to GO and bring them in. If we don’t ask, they can’t say yes. Apparantly 82% of people will come to Church if they are asked by someone they already know. If you can talk, one day you could ask. Go on, I dare you. They might say no….but what if they say YES!!!

Anyway, if you are from Xcel Darlington I would love to hear what you thought. Actually, wherever you are from I’d love to hear what you think.

3 thoughts on “Becoming Church Like What God Wants

  1. it all sounds good, love the message…

    but here’s what scares me a little about praying, I mean really praying for the lost or a ituation. I love the song which has the line “break my heart for what breaks yours”, but, what if i’m the answer to that prayer. Am I really ready? It’s not an excuse not to do it, but I do think when we pray, we need to be ready to be the solution. If God is placing that ache in our hearts, then maybe He is putting the answer there somewhere too. That could mean some hard work, some soul searching and some commitments. Am I ready? yes. am I scared? oh yes, will i do it? I hope so.

  2. FANTASTIC WORD!!!!really good Julian the whole “ask seek and knocking” thing.
    We ALL should be praying, encouraging, and asking.(there’s a whole series right there!!!)

    just a thought on prayer.
    i consider my relationship with God as the same relationship i have with my wife…the only difference is that God is MY king MY father MY brother MY helper MT friend MY healer MY provider…
    God is SO MUCH MORE to me than any other person (even my wife)…so talking to him should be easy.?

    I can’t understand why people think prayer is so difficult??? God is closer than any other person.

  3. This is great for us – because these are the things that we can do and this will help to motivate us to do it. If you’ve been a Christian for a while you can easily get comfortable and think deep down …………well I know all this…. but ………I have to say to myself – well if I know it – why am I not doing it ? It’s great to get hold of some simple basic things and actually do them. I believe we will all see a big difference as we purposely DO. JAMES reminds us to become doers of the Word and not just hearers. It can become a habit to just hear the Word and store up a lot of information……….but I’m so glad I’m in a Church where we are spurred on to go and DO and given the inspiration and tools to do it with………………PRAISE THE LORD.

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