I am not a marketer by profession. In fact, if I’m honest I sometimes feel like I don’t really have a clue when it comes to websites, blogs and the whole ideavirus approach to marketing. I think I’m still stuck in the old marketing days – average products, for the mass, advertised in the mass.

So, reading a book like this is refreshing. It is a challenge. It provokes me into thinking differently. It throws out ideas that I would never naturally think about.

As a Pastor in the 21st Century what I am bothered about is making sure the ultimate message continues to create a stir. That it still gets in front of people and has the opportunity to challenge them. Maybe I’m missing the point of the book because of a lack of knowledge but it seems to shout out that ‘old marketing’ doesn’t work like it use to – TV, mass media, putting out your idea in front of everyone and hoping it will find someone who needs. Today, the internet makes it easy to pinpoint the audience first, to speak to a ‘slither’ of the mass and hopefully becoming more efficient in the process. This is the world of ‘new marketing’. Ignore it at your peril.

(I hope that’s right)

Anyway…I enjoy Seth Godin books because they are not what I normally read and they throw out new thoughts. Stuff like…

…given the choice, people want the choice (that’s actually from The Long Tail by Chris Anderson)

…it’s not about what you think the market wants, or what you want the market to want. It’s about creating and assembling a collection of goods and services that captures the attention of the people who truly care.

…you can harness the power of thousands of people for very little money. But this is no substitute for honesty, passion and authenticity.

…make something worth talking about; and make it easy to talk about.

Wow. That last one should be a challenge for any Pastor. The message we have never changes but I think we have to make it worth talking about and easy to do that. That’s why we do what we do.

Xcel Church use websites, blogs, youtube and facebook to get the word out. Those who are looking will find us. We are creating opportunities for people to interact with us before they venture into the buildings/venues. The greatest asset we have is everyone who is already a fan – they spread the word more than we do. That is the essence of new marketing (I think).

Buy your copy here. Read it and tell me what you think. Have I completely missed the point – hope not!

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