Hey, Kong Hee put the cat amongst the pigeons last night. Loved it. He talked about engaging culture. It was a challenge and certainly got us all talking. The whole ‘in the world but not of it’ debate. Difficult to explain – you probably had to be there.

Today has been great. Conference tiredness is now truly kicking in. Add into that the information overload and you can get the gist of where I am at right now.

Thoughts from today that have struck me from the various messages by Kong Hee & Charlotte Scanlon-Gambill…

…your spiritual disciplines keep you from the influences of the world.
…let your upward mobility be supported by them.
…not keeping your spiritual disciplines strong just makes room for moral failure.
…zeal withou knowledge is not enough.
…we need the excitement but we need the knowledge to go with it.
…if I am fully confident that God loves me then I know that He will never let me down.

As usual with a conference – lots to go away and think about.

One thought on “Stronger 2008: Continues

  1. interesting post, would love to find out more on your return. Each of the points you (or they) make is so true. Enjoy the rest of the conference

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