Read some thoughts over on Church Marketing Sucks by Bob Lotich talking about what makes someone run for the door. These are my comments, you can read his by clicking on the link above.

Everything was mediocre.
That’s almost what people expect so we cannot let it happen. The Church & Mediocre – are they in partnership or what? Church should be excellent. Not perfect – but we should be doing the best we can with what we have.

If the people are embarrassed about bringing someone then you have slipped into mediocrity!

The place was full of strife.
We are in the world not of the world. Problem for some Churches which Kong Hee touched on last week at Stronger was that all the stuff that Christians say they should not ‘touch’ is in the Church already.

Back-biting, selfish-ambition, gossip and worse in some peoples lives – watch them on TV but don’t live them out. 2nd reason people don’t come to church is hypocrisy and strife amongst the Christians just confirms it.

There is an unwillingness to adapt.
The christian journey is all about change. If you are not willing to change then you are in the wrong place. I understand that we need different types of church for different types of people but that doesn’t mean we should compromise on staying relevant.

The message never changes.
How we present the message needs to change all the time to help us reach everyone.

They tickled the ears of the congregation.
I want Church to be fun. I also want Church to challenge people. To stir some kind of response. Xcel Darlington is not a social club! It is a life transforming, life equipping, God-filled environment. We are trying to create an environment of growth. If you refuse to grow then you are in the way probably and stopping others from growing themselves.

‘We put on a show’ every week. We want people to see Jesus at His very best. It’s not just entertainment though. It’s not fake. It’s a demonstration of what Jesus has done in people’s lives.

It is not led with passion.
Passion is so important. If you are not convinced as the leader then no one else will be either. People want to follow a leader who believes in what they are saying.

Christians should be the most passionate people around. Jesus said that he had come to give us life in all it’s fullness. Not a damp squib, full of lifeless wet handshakes. We are people full of passion, full of purpose. Confident because the same power that conquered the grave lives in us too.

My promise… (and other Pastors too)
Xcel Church across all the venues will work hard so that people don’t want to run for the door.

I hope that when you come you discover that there are people passionate about loving God, ready to do whatever it takes to change their worlds, not afraid to share their stories and vulnerabilities with others and not just coming to Church for entertainment but to challenged in living their journey for God the best they can. It’s not perfect and Xcel Church won’t be for everyone but it’s definitely Church like you didn’t know existed.

One thought on “Run For The Door

  1. One of the reasons my hubby didn’t come to church for a long time was he felt it was full of hypocrites. I think some people have an expectation that once we are beleivers we should be ‘perfect’, but obviously we’re not. Ultimately though we have to strive to lead the ‘perfect’ life. Thankfully, when Steve came to Xcel he saw a difference from other churches he’d been to.
    I think some people’s minds are made up long before the preach, as a congregation and as a welcome team we have to take some of the responsibility, yes the leaders need to preach passionately but if the rest of church is like a limp biscuit, then no-one will want to stay. Thanks for the great post, I for one definitely needed reminded of my responsibilities.

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