Loved this weekend. What a great time we have had.

Kicking of with NBAU with Dave Gilpin. Messing with your thinking. Getting us to recreate the landscape of our minds.

Then we had the Xcel Darlington team round. They are just superb. They do such an amazing job making Church happen every Sunday morning at the Dolphin Centre. If you are reading this…you are my heroes. Could not do it without you!!

Then Sunday hit hard! Wow. Pastor Dave Gilpin talked about faith. One step at a time. Great teaching. Great challenging again to the way you live the Christian life. Loving that over 90 people in the building, worship was amazing, the presence of God was making a difference in peoples lives. You Darlo guys rock! Love being your Pastor.

Then across to Aycliffe for United Night. All 3 locations coming together. Real sense of momentum about Xcel Church at the moment. Sense of expectancy. It makes Church so much more fun. Dave spoke about the four acceptable faces of a champion church. Not the long face or the face of thunder. Too much of that in Church already. These were the faces of people who will change a generation. Who will do great things for God.

Pick up your towel. Get involved. Be the person who says I can and I will.

A word in season I’m sure. It certainly sets the tone for the future and what God has in store for Xcel Church. One thing Dave said to my wife & I when we were talking…

…when the Israelites dug the wells again which had been filled up, the next day they were full of water. The beauty of this is that God had already made it start raining in the mountains even before they had started digging the wells. He knows what you will need and is already working on it.

God is awesome. Love Him. Got to trust Him. Got to live by faith, knowing God is more than able to supply all my needs according to His riches in glory.

Have a great week.

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