This book was a timely read for me. It’s easy to get distracted by the stuff of life and be led by what you want, rather than by being led by the Spirit. Having had ‘one of those weeks’ picking up this book and catching hold of what Phil Pringle was saying was exactly what I needed to hear. (Having said that, I have tried a few times to read this without success – it took some determination to get my teeth in to it).

Reminders for me…

‘There is simply no substitute for waiting upon God’

Chapter 9 – all about the anointing. I need more of it!
‘Our journey into greater measures of the anointing always involves greater development of our character’

Four keys to receiving the anointing…
Hunger for God
Coming to the minister of God
Expecting the power of God
Being open to whatever the Holy Spirit might do

I know that this will be a great toolkit for me and I would recommend it as a read for any Pastor and christian leader. Buy your copy here.

One thought on “Book Review: Moving in the Spirit by Phil Pringle

  1. I have read Inspired to Pray and But God, I re read and re read them during my quiet times. I would love to purchase Moving in the Spirit, but I am unable to get hold of it in SA. Our online bookstore had it but now see it has been removed. Please can you held me? Blessings! Jean

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