Did a little session tonight on becoming an agent of change, using the book by Steve Chalke. It’s an easy read, bitesize chunks which can help anyone understand what it takes to make things happen and a real insight into being a leader.

Here are the 10 I chose from the book with my thoughts…

LESSON 1: RESPOND, don’t react
Have the confidence to wait, rather than jumping into the fray with guns blazing, then speak graciously – this is the hallmark of maturity

‘Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret’

LESSON 2: PEOPLE matter more than PROGRAMMES
The volunteer/team leader relationship is a very precious one – there are pressures on both sides to be understood. ‘Volunteers are not changed by moral exhortation but by transformed imagination’

Appreciate them. Love on them. Treat them. Celebrate with them. Encourage them.

Leaders – you may have BIG dreams – just be careful where you share them – some people can speak a good game but just don’t match the hype.

It’s what we do that counts – not what we say we’ll do.

LESSON 4: VISION and FRUSTRATION are the same thing
Big vision is great – but big vision is also frustrating. Vision is longing for what is not yet; frustration is the inevitable result of longing for what is not yet.

LESSON 5: Approach every PROBLEM with an OPEN MIND rather than an OPEN MOUTH
Your words can be a comfort or they can be like weapons. Your words add value or subtract. They either lift someone up or pull them down.

Next time faced with a problem…pause, wait, think before you speak…
‘Who needs to know’ ‘Should I really say this’ ‘How could I best respond’

LESSON 6: TRUST evolves, it is never a simple ‘On’ or ‘Off’ affair
Your team members don’t need to like you, they need to trust you. If you want people to journey with you then they need to be able to trust you.

Trust evolves. It takes time to build it. It is not a one-off event. It’s a process.

LESSON 7: PRAISE is the miracle tool
Why do we find it easier to find fault than to give genuine praise?
Praise makes others feel good about themselves and want to achieve more.

To live life on purpose demands that you keep the main thing, the main thing

What are the main things? Prayer – Reading the Word – Worship
Distractions = comfortable – laziness – complacent – the fluffy stuff

Making the choice to be a Christian is one thing. Living out the daily disciplines of that choice is another challenge altogether

LESSON 9: Nothing is so SIMPLE that it cannot be MISUNDERSTOOD
You need to become secure in who you are and the role you are in.

John 13 tells the story of Jesus washing the disciples feet – the only reason he could do this was he knew who he was and where he was going. He has an internal sense of security. How about you?

LESSON 10: If it ain’t BROKE, BREAK it
Change agents are driven and creative. They can’t stop questioning the way things are. Change agents are hard to live with – they keep breaking stuff, even when you don’t think it needs to be broken.

What needs breaking in your life to move you forward – as a leader, volunteer, in life?

If you were there – what did you think?

Get your copy here.

4 thoughts on “Vision Night @ Xcel

  1. really enjoyed listening to what you had to say tonight Julian, think the ten points you made were so applicable. Just need to get the book now, so I can read the other 15 you didn’t speak about.

  2. Hi and well done! I really enjoyed listening to you. I found you very easy to listen to, you gave some great tips that i can use for work as well as church! Thank you..

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