Thought I’d let you know what has been happening on here during the month of September. Thanks for passing through and leaving your comments. I will always share my thoughts on life as a Pastor, living the Christian walk, Xcel Darlington as well as thoughts about what I am thinking, feeling and reading. This month I have written 23 posts, had 30 comments and passed the 7000 mark for views since my blog life began.

Best month ever: 1615 views.
Cannot really believe that people would visit and then keep coming back. Thanks. Certainly encourages that you think what I am saying is worth coming back to.

Best referrer: Over 220 from Xcel Church. Always will be I guess. My home Church – the best place in the world to live out my God ordained destiny.

Most viewed posts:
Life Coaching Offer The special offer is now over but you can still contact me for more info about Life Coaching if you are interested. Check out this comment from one of my clients.

Be One of the Thousand I love talking about the vision for Xcel Darlington. More than that, I love helping people discover how they can become a part of that vision and make it happen.

Most comments: Be one of the Thousand. It even led to the thought that it makes a great title for a book – a little random but you never know!

And a new read for me from someone who left a comment here is visionnavigator. Some good thoughts here!

Here’s to a great October.

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