Looking forward to tomorrow at Xcel. Across all venues we will be celebrating volunteers, maybe even honouring one or two along the way too. Local church might be the hope of the world but without the willingness of individuals to serve, we wouldn’t get much done.

Great churches need everyone to play their part.

Here’s some of the quick thoughts I will be sharing tomorrow…

Serving is a choice
Someone has to decide to act first.
Jesus said ‘Take up your cross and follow me’. You choose.

Serving is a gamble
Who knows how it will turn out? You could find yourself becoming a ‘lifer’ for the Kingdom.
You could become addicted to it (in the right way)

Serving is not someone else’s job
Why watch others change the world when you can join them?
Everyone can do something
Servanthood is the primary calling on our lives

Serving is not just for Church
Jesus said ‘By this will all men know that you are my disciples, that you have love one for another’
It has to start in the Church, but it must flow out into our worlds
Accept the honour. Rise to the challenge

It’s going to be another great day – hope to see you there.

2 thoughts on “Volunteer Sunday at Xcel

  1. This was definitely the best message I’ve ever heard on this topic. It opened my eyes to new things and found myself saying ” that’s right ” ” that’s just what happens ” – how GOD takes us step by step and serving opens the door to a new dimension.
    John Bunyan’s jailor said to him ” John – if I pricked you with a pin – the Bible would run out of you ” ……….. Julian – if we pricked you with a pin that message of servanthood would run out of you !
    Greater things are still to be done in this city – how inspiring.


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