Don’t know about you but I need a breakthrough. Great thing is, I know that God is the God of breakthrough. He is in to doing new things. He is in to making the barren birth something. He can provide for you when there seems to be no place for provision.

As Pastor at Xcel Darlington I am excited about what God is doing…

…7 months in and we average about 85 people
…seeing people get planted and start to flourish
…lives being made whole as people give stuff over to God

BUT!! I’m believing for more. I am praying for breakthrough…

…for new Christians
…to hear more stories about the great things God is doing
…for growth & increase – I hope its okay but I am desperate for us to break the hundred barrier every week

When will see these things? What will it take?

Some thoughts…these are my focuses at the moment…

…keeping the main things, the main things…
…loving people
…loving God – giving Him our best every day not just on a Sunday
…staying focused on God in all circumstances
…to pray without ceasing
…to take some risks
…get the word out more – I’ll be honest and say we probably don’t do enough of this

I know its not easy. If I’m honest, I have some struggles right now. Standing in faith and waiting on God might be the right thing to do but He never said that it was going to be easy. I am determined to do all I can with what God has given me. Some days I do great at that, other days are best left not talked about. I am also determined not to tell God how He should fix my life either but truly trust Him.

If God loves me and I know that He does, then I must recognise that He would never see me go without. After all, that’s what love does. It wants the best. God wants the best for me. So I’m still waiting and really believing God for breakthrough – for those who are part of Xcel Darlington, for the Church to grow and for my family too.

If you can…tell us what you are believing God for? I will pray & stand with you.

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