Preached a message this morning at Xcel Darlington about how God is all over it. (Check out previous posts for more detail). To put it in context I shared about some stuggles and how I had become slightly fluffy because I had let myself become distracted and not as focused as I should be on certain disciplines.

But how honest is too honest?
Is knowing that your Pastor/Leader has to work through some stuff too much information?
Do you want to know that your Pastor/Leader isn’t perfect in every way?
Does sharing their journey help you or hinder you?

Being a Pastor doesn’t mean that I don’t share any of the same troubles that anyone else has. Hopefully though I can model a way of moving forward regardless of what life throws my way, of trusting God in all things and believing that God ‘is all over it.’

10 thoughts on “How Honest is Too Honest?

  1. Jesus said of His cousin John, “Truly I say to you, among those born of women there has not arisen anyone greater than John the Baptist
    However John the Baptist asked of Jesus “Are You the Expected One, or should we seek for someone else?”
    So it seems to me that even the greatest among them struggled to understand Gods will from time to time.

  2. This Sunday was to me as though JESUS was walking up and down the aisles during that worship. It was tremendous.
    Vulnerability and honesty in a positive way is great in my book and will attract more of the same. It is real. I heard Jack Dickinson used to say we have to be real with GOD. It encourages us to open up admit our weakness and cast ourselves on the LORD. After all – Paul said ” When I am weak, then I am strong ”
    It’s great.


  3. Hey Julian

    Good point – how honest is too honest… I think vulnerability in the pulpit must be from a place of victory most of the time. It’s no help to someone you’re ministering to to tell them that you to are struggling to find time to be with God (as one example). You need to be able to get up and say, “there are times I’ve struggled… but…. this is how I got the victory in it..” Otherwise you’re honesty can de-power the truth of God’s Word because you’ve only shared the problem and not the application of God’s Word to your situation.

    Right now there are some things I won’t share about because I haven’t got the victory in it yet – so there is no power in the testimony. The Bible says we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony – but a testimony isn’t a testimony until it brings Glory to God.


  4. Loving the comments on this thought. Keep them coming. I am definitely not afraid to share my vulnerability if it can help others discover the goodness of God and how He helps us get the victory.

  5. Its great for us to see leaders share their valley times. I think we need to know that people that are leading usually have become leaders through gaining wisdom through difficult times and being real about the fact that they are not immune. Sunday morning really blessed me and It is so important to pray for our Leaders , who are front line targets for the enemy. :o)

  6. I thought that your word was so relevant to so many people and we were able to identify with the points you made. You were honest but you talked more about how you overcame the problem rather than how you stayed in the low place. I believe we will get more strength from that word.The enemy doesnt like success and victory so proclaiming that msg on Sunday adds more cord to the rope of Xcel darlington!
    People can relate to honesty and you are so much more approachable as a leader. In Dave Gilpins book jesus,save me from your followers,he has a very honest journal at the end of each chapter. It is encouraging to know we are all vulnerable,leaders and all,but we can ALL have the victory.

    Gods presence is very real in Darlington and I believe we are going to see many lives changed!

  7. Julian

    Sunday talky bits were great and very apt to my situation. God encouraged me through your words


    Robin G

  8. Great to hear that you not only enjoyed the word but that it encouraged and challenged too. Hope you are ready to build on something now.

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