I think I am discovering that God is in to building. He wants to build His Church. He wants me to build a great life, a great family and build a legacy, to do something with what He has put into my hands.

Had a Life Coach session with Scott Wilson today and he said something that I know will help me as I continue in my Pastoring at Xcel Darlington. God is into family, home and building. When it comes to Church and especially these early days of Xcel Darlington I know that I have concentrated on making it feel like home, that the culture & DNA of Xcel are evident.

I know that I have concentrated on family. On connecting with people and connecting people with others. After all, that’s what we want families do – to watch out for each other. I think that’s why I am happy to be honest and open with people and share my journey, to show what God can do in someone’s life.

Now we need is to build something. To get beyond where we are. Xcel Darlington is home and family but I am desperate to build on that. The challenge – I cannot do that on my own. Kerina and I can Pastor 80-100 as family but growing to 150-200 needs more.

…are you ready to build on something.
…are you ready to take on the next challenge Xcel Darlington?

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