These are not my thoughts, they belong to Seth Godin – check out the full post here. Think they relate to us though. To build something, we must stand for something.

To really stand for something, you must make difficult decisions, mostly about what you don’t do. We don’t ship products like that, we don’t stand for employees like that (“you’re fired”), we don’t fix problems like that.

It’s so hard to stand up, to not compromise, to give up an account or lose a vote or not tell a journalist what they want to hear.

But those are the only moments where standing for something actually counts, the only times that people will actually come to believe that you in fact actually stand for something.

Life as a Pastor is full of making decisions. It can be a tough call at times when others would like to see us do some stuff. Being careful about what you do, don’t do, say and don’t say. Xcel Church is 40 years in the making. I love that fact – it gives me confidence. To know what we are about and where we heading.

Right now, for Xcel Darlington new questions are being asked of us and they will demand that more than Kerina & I be willing to answer them. Are you ready to stand for something?

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