The other day I was walking back from the shop with one of my daughters and we talked about what makes us happy. Answer from a 9yr old: people being kind, having fun. Happiness. Some might say its over-rated. We live in a relatively negative culture in the UK. We can always miss the silver lining. The glass is often half empty.

So, as you pass by and read today, how about you leave a comment listing 2 or 3 things that make you feel happy. Lets celebrate the things which bring happiness and take time to reflect on the difference having a more positive outlook on life can make.

Thanks for your thoughts [He writes expectantly]

8 thoughts on “What Makes You Happy?

  1. Using my talents (ie drawing, painting)
    Visiting new countries (India AND Germany this year, both fantastic!)
    Spending time with my family and friends
    Being a student!
    Autumn leaves dancing in the wind
    (believe me, the list could go on and on!)

  2. forgot to say, snow, or rather playing in the snow, I love winter, bring it on, like blizzards, snow drifts, snowmen, snowball fights, hot chocolate, oh yeah

  3. Anymore suggestions. I hope these are not just faint hopes of happiness but that you do get to enjoy them from time to time.

  4. Succeeding in any area
    Spending time with those I love most
    Playing drums
    Chocolate…any form…solid, liquid, dark, white, milk…I’m definitely not choc-ist.

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