Just needed to say that the guys who preached on Sunday morning at Xcel Darlington did a great job. It was good to hear what God is saying and to know that He speaks. Here’s what I loved…

…none of them tried to over complicate things
…they kept it simple
…a simple message always give so much more
…that I know they were nervous but it never really showed
…that for first timers – they kept it together
…they did not over run – 10 mins not a second more!

What did they say?
Dan spoke about choices and that even though we perhaps think that they are our choices, looking back he could see now how God was engineering things that he was not even aware of. Truth is, God is involved our lives – maybe divine providence plays a part at times. After all ‘He is all over it.’

Ben spoke about the need to come ready to church. Loved the title ‘Come through the door before you come through the door’. As it says in Psalm 100 to enter His courts with praise – we need to be ready to give it our best, not needing a warm up.

Vicki spoke about getting out of the comfort zone, being stretched, doing something new – like preaching. I know I freaked her out by asking but isn’t that my role as a Pastor. Loved the comment she made ‘Our willingness and weakness combined with Gods will and his supernatural power equals enlarged territory’.

Tell you something – if you are Pastor I encourage you to give this a go. Open the pulpit up. Give some rising voices a chance. You never know what you might discover in the experiment!

One thought on “New Voices at Xcel Darlington

  1. I heard loads of great reports about last Sunday. Shame I missed it but, i’m sure people were challenged.

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