This is a great question, something we discussed this week in the Exec Team meeting. When it comes to creating a culture of bringers this becomes a very important question to ask…

‘Why Would You Bring Someone to Xcel Church?’

Other than the obvious answer that everyone needs Jesus, why bring someone to Church? I hope you can answer this relatively easily, otherwise we are in trouble at Xcel. We won’t grow if someone, somewhere doesn’t decide to be a bringer.

Who would you bring?
When would you bring them?
What would stop you from bringing someone?

Probably loads more questions but I would love to hear your thoughts, whether from Xcel or elsewhere.

One thought on “Why Be A Bringer?

  1. I pray about this one all the time.. I ask many people to come with me and its soooooo frustrating when they say “no thanks” AAARRGGHHHH !! But God sees their needs clearer than we do and I guess we have to keep on praying and believing

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