We start a new series on Sunday. I think I would describe it as a DNA message for Xcel Church, an opportunity to unpack the culture of Xcel across the region. I really believe that for Darlington this message is coming just at the right time.

I love preaching a series because we can take out time, making sure we discuss what needs to be talked about in respect of growing a thriving congregation in the heart of Darlington. Being part of Xcel Church is easy and my hope is that this message will help people find their place.


These are the 3 parts of church life at Xcel. It’s the culture – you cannot escape them. You don’t need to believe in God to come to Xcel but let’s be honest, our hope and prayer is that having been around for a while you would want to. I believe it’s what we were created to do.

…it’s the starting point of the greatest journey anyone can engage in
…it doesn’t mean you have all the answers
…it is the start of a lifelong courtship with God
…it’s like any relationship – it takes time to get know the other person, God is no different
…it’s about giving God His rightful place in your life
…it’s about loving with all your heart, your mind and your soul
…it’s being ready to keep moving forward as your love for God grows and matures

It might be considered ‘Step 1’ but it’s certainly not a destination in itself. Loving God is the launch pad into so much more. Building the House – everyone can play their part, hope you are ready to discover how. Sunday 11am Xcel Darlington, Dolphin Centre.

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