I agree with the sentiment of this book – the Church does need to wake up, it does need to become all that God would want it to be.

However, as a read the book was hard work. If I’m honest, it felt like the first section was all about trying to convince me of the problem and seemed to drag on somewhat. The format didn’t help either. A less determined reader would, I fear give up…and that would be a shame.

The second part of the book is much more interesting and dare I suggest, this was the part that Matt Stephens really wanted to write. The 5 points listed below are good answers to the current state of the Church and leaders should take note of them.

Getting a new map.
Knowing your outcomes and your goals.
Attracting the next generation.
Gaining an abundance mindset.

Matt Stephens makes a good attempt and it is worth a read, just keep going when it gets tough. Don’t allow the cluttered style look of the book put you off. Read it yourself and let me know what you thought. Get your copy here.

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