Another great month. Here’s what’s been happening during October. This month I have written 21 posts, had 33 comments and passed the 8500 mark for views since my blog life began.

Not quite the best month ever: just under 1500 views.
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Best referrer: Over 300 from Xcel Church. The best home Church – loving what’s happening at Xcel at the moment. Check out the progress on our building project.

The biggest non-Church or facebook referrer was my friend Chezz, Executive Pastor at Xcel Church. Check out his thoughts here.

Most viewed posts:
How Honest is Too Honest? An interesting question to ask. This received the most comments – always ready for more though.

What Makes You Happy? A simple question and I loved the variety of answers. Hope the people get to enjoy them soon. Meat & potato pasties wins!

And a regular read for me and from someone who left a comment here is chaotic ministry. I have more in common that he probably realises and he shares some good thoughts on leadership too.

Looking forward to November.

One thought on “October Review

  1. Thanks for the mention at the end. Sorry I haven’t written much on my blog recently. Pointing people my direction though may just be the catalyst I need to knock out a couple of posts today.

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