Well, I have had a week away – great to chill out by the pool, have some family time, fun with girls – chasing down the rapids, good food and some reading of course.

Now with 50 days of 2008 left I am lifting the bar, believing for some things, praying, giving, fasting even, trusting God for breakthrough. Let me know if you are up for joining in as we gear up for what I know is going to be an incredibly exciting time for Xcel Church across the region but especially for those of us at Xcel Darlington.

Church is great. Still growing, still seeing new people but still want to see us reaching more. Am I being selfish? Hope not. I’m not saying this just for numbers sake, I think we are ready to see Xcel Darlington consistently push past the 100. I think that Xcel Darlington is a good place for you to bring the people in your world.

Here’s the promise…
…they don’t need to believe in God to come
…we will make it as easy and comfortable as possible
…they may get freaked out but that’s just God turning up
…they will be made to feel welcome
…bold statement but I think they will be pleasantly surprised, even tipping in to enjoyment…hopefully they will then come back too

So…here’s where I am at. I’m praying to see Xcel Darlington increase, growth, sustainable growth. I’m asking God, everyday. I know, God brings the increase but we must play our part, whatever that part may be. Some of you are champion bringers. Some of you are champion connectors. Some of you are champion welcomers. As we each play our small part…we can make a BIG difference.

So…next Sunday, we will finish talking about Building the House and LOVING LIFE. What is life with God not in it? What is life if we keep control? What does loving life the God way really look like? Thinking this might be a great message for anyone in your world. Do you think you could bring someone?

Don’t forget the Christmas Spectacular on the 14th, plus Sundays at 11am…going to be talking about Jesus. After all, He is for life, not just for Christmas.

One thought on “Believing for Something

  1. Inspiring and exciting stuff Julian… I think you are doing an amazing job and my heart is right there with it all. Exciting times ahead.

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