445481_1_ftc_dp1Respect. After being whacked round the head by reading this book…respect. To J.R and Craig for the work they do, for their honesty which was fairly brutal at times, for sharing their heart and the desperation they have to see Gods church out of the pew and into the world reaching people, which is summed up early on where it reads ‘Bottom line: Get off your butt and do something.

Loved the thoughts about being Born Again Lazy, how we have got lazy with outreach, with money, with families, with prayer, with fasting, with studying God’s Word, with him, with the lost.

Loved the thought about how we have lost our nerve as followers of Christ, that the early church knew that their message was so disturbing, so offensive, that they knew it meant death…that we have what we have because they did what they did. WOW!

Ignorable calling…how life is full of ignorables. I ignore my wife, my children, discipline, God. When you have a relationship with Christ, he calls you to action. When heard and ignored, the resulting action will always result in failure. How do you know you are ignoring God? If you asking the question, chances are you are.

Put down the life you think you need, and open yourself up to the life Christ has designed.

A dangerous thought as they suggest becoming outrageous,experimental, entrepreneurial, and bold. Steadfast in the idea that anything short of sin to drive the message of Christ into the world.

Some people will be offended by this book. The message, the way its written, the vulnerability, the passion, the 40 day fast and tour stuff. You cannot read it and not respond in some way. Thank God they are not just saying it but live it out too – warts & all! The honesty is challenging but if you love God then you will accept the challenge in the right way. It’s a call to a dangerous life, an exciting life, a faith-filled jumping out of the boat life – one I am determined to participate in, and as a Pastor grow a congregation that live it too.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book to ALL Christians. Be reminded about what you should be doing, how life can be lived. Get your copy here.

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