Church should be fun. Whatever style of Church…it should be fun.

This Sunday at Xcel Darlington we are going to have some fun. More precisely, looking ahead to some we can have as Church in Darlington this Christmas. It’s a bit of a ‘community’ focus so we will be letting you know about all the things we have done during 2008 – we have done some incredible stuff, helping people with their immediate needs, no agenda – just loving people for the sake of it!

Then, I want to share some thoughts about what we can do…this Christmas and into 2009, how you can get involved and give you an opportunity to give into the ‘GIVEAWAY’ for Christmas. Some great ideas, so if you want to know what’s going on then you had better be there.

My heart as a Pastor…is to create some excitement, to challenge peoples concept of what Church is all about, to bless in an unexpected way and in unexpected places…so, I hope you are ready for some fun.

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