That caught your attention!!

Shared my thoughts yesterday about how Xcel Darlington can bless the local community this Christmas. We meet in the middle of the town, in a leisure centre and it’s great. So here’s my thought…our immediate neighbours are the shops and local businesses so that’s who we are going to bless.

And we are going to do it with mince pies. I’d love 10,000 but maybe that is too many but it seemed to capture peoples imagination. We already have 2000.

It’s a no strings attached idea. Cake box + mince pies + ribbon tied round with Xcel Card then enter business, speak to boss/manager, wish them ‘Happy Christmas’ and then walk out. It’s so random, I can just imagine the conversations on the evening as people tell loved ones about their day at work and how a local Church called by.

I would love to think they would come to Church on the following Sunday but if they don’t, that doesn’t matter. At least they know some Christians are thinking about them.

Other stuff…
helping at a VIP Christmas Dinner for local families, homeless & elderly who probably won’t get the opportunity to go to such an event.
…Christmas Hampers
…giveaway on the 21st @ Central Hall with presents for all the kids
and hopefully some other stuff too.

If you are an Xcel Darlington partner you can get involved…practically & financially. Just get in touch!

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