Pastor John spoke a great word for Xcel Darlington yesterday. Hope you are ready to rise to the challenge. Speaking from Judges 1:19 about how the men of Judah, despite God being with them could not overcome the iron chariots.

There may be ‘iron chariots’ in Darlington but we need to break them – it’s nothing to do with Gods ability but everything to do with us. We can pray and ask God for inspiration, wisdom, courage and faith to see things change but sometimes we just have to get on and deal with them ourselves.

Here are some thoughts about ‘iron chariots’ that John made this morning…

1. The numbers game
100,000 people in Darlington. There is more than enough room in the town for a few big churches – why shouldn’t we be one of them.

It can be quality & quantity. We can have our cake and eat it!

2. The Leadership Issue
Allowing people to flourish. From my point of view I am humbled that people would buy into me and my vision for Xcel Darlington. Seeing people flourish as they get involved, serve and reach people is amazing.

3. Money
The Church needs it to do most things. You can say that all the Church wants is your money but I would disagree. Anyway, no other organisations exists purely just to get money off you, do they? Or am I missing the Christmas sell this year.

4. Small Mentality
Don’t think small. God is a ‘much more than you think’ God. We need to take off the limits and start believing how much God can do, through us and with us.

This Christmas let’s believe God for more than we expect. Let’s be stretched in our doing, reaching people and really not being bothered how it looks. We only get one shot at this. If we each play our part then together we have the potential to shake this area for God and make a BIG difference.

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