This is a big challenge.

To get things right and build a great venue then it takes people who will think about Sunday before Sunday. If you don’t think about Church until you wake up on the Sunday morning then the decision you make about Church may be made purely on how you feel that day!

A building is not Church. The people coming together are. It is though, a vital ingredient to your success as a Christian. It is true that you get from it what you put in to it! I know I am the Xcel Darlington Pastor but being part of a vibrant, life-filled, relevant 21st Century Church is one of my core values. Without it my relationship with God would start to drift.

Take up this challenge…
…think about Sunday
…think about Church
…pray about Church
…be purposeful about what you bring, rather than being bothered about what you get
…let other things slip first before your time with God and other Christians does
…thinking about it makes it a value, creates purpose, helps you to own it and share the responsibility for making it the best it can be

Hope you agree?

One thought on “Think About Sunday Before Sunday

  1. Hey Julian

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Meeting with other Christians is such an important part of our walk with God and for this to be as purposeful as possible requires some preparation; some thought & prayer before Sunday arrives (especially as Sunday morning itself can be so hectic before church), preparing our hearts and minds to focus on God, our relationship with him and the people we who we are going to meet on a Sunday morning, some of them for the first time.

    Really looking forward to Xcel Darlo this Sunday.

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