We all want progression. We all want to work to our maximum effectiveness. At least I hope so. With 2009 literally within touching distance I am trying to discover what it is that stops us from making the progress we desire.

I think we were created to progress, to move forward.

So here are some questions that I am mulling over at the moment…
What stops people from progressing and building a successful life?
Are there certain things that we allow to get attached to us?
Stuff that distracts, holds us back, limits our effectiveness?

Spread the word, get your colleagues, friends & family involved. Would love some feedback from everyone who read this….


9 thoughts on “What Stops Progression And Limits Effectiveness?

  1. There are a few things that I think can stop us moving forword but if I had to pick three they would be

    1. Fear of loosing the thing that maintains our current security – for example – current job

    2. Fear of failure – What will others say – for example – told you not to try and it wouldn’t work

    3. Iam to old/young – It’s to late for me my time has passed or I am to young and don’t feel I am capable or ready for the next step.

    I feel that fear does have a part to play in us not reaching our potential. I also believe that past experiences can hold us back if we go on believing that we cannot achieve anything. We also like our confort and it can somtimes be easy to be complacent. I like the quote that is all around the school I am working in at the moment, ‘Believe and Achieve’

  2. I think a few things that can stop use from moving forwards are….

    1. The past- past hurts, past failures,

    2. Lack of motivation, stuck in a rut

    3. Fear.

  3. Thanks for the comments. I’m sure many would agree with what is being mentioned. Even if you do agree, it would still be great to hear from you – so please leave your thoughts about what stops us from progressing. Thanks

  4. I think one big thing is having goals or a goal in mind. If you really know what you want and go for it then with the LORD’s help you will have a good chance of getting it. It is great to speak to young people who know exactly what they want to do. I never did – although I did want to be a comedian when I was young. Perhaps I have achieved that – after a fashion. Well … Amy says I make her laugh. So for me lack of goals is a big one.
    Lack of clear thinking and planning is related and also lack of motivation. These things hold us back. I do believe that even if you are less gifted but motivated, know where you are going and what you want and keep persisting then you will get there.
    That’s my two penneth and thanks for everyone elses’


  5. self doubt – lack of confidence
    Other people stopping you/ not being given chances
    fear of failure
    poor motivation

  6. God has already given us everything we need to go forward and to progress and do well in life I think the problem is we limit in our mind what God can do or what we can do with God, sometimes we think changing the world is for people like Billy Graham and we have not been called to do the same, but everything we do is changing the world even just saying good morning to someone down the road might change their world in ways we cannot see.
    In this I think a lack of vision on what we can achieve.

  7. My daily Bible reading : I think if we encourage each other more , we will be more effective :o)

    Encourage one another

    In his letter to the Thessalonian believers, Paul exhorts them to encourage one another.
    1 Thessalonians 5: 11, Amplified Bible

    In his letter to the Thessalonian believers, Paul exhorts them to encourage one another. He understands that we all need words of affirmation, such as ‘Well done. You’re doing a good job.’

    I was on a training course during which the teacher asked each of us to turn to the person next to us and say something to encourage them. The man sitting next to me said something so beautiful that I was almost overwhelmed and didn’t know what to say. What he had said truly fed my spirit. When I think about it now it still gives me a warm glow.

    But I’m aware that Christians sometimes feel discouraged. They feel that their efforts to help and serve in various ways aren’t even being noticed. They don’t do what they do just to receive thanks from someone, but they would be mightily strengthened by an encouraging word or a ‘thank you’.

    Just imagine the difference it would make in our church fellowships if everyone made determined efforts to encourage one other. Perhaps we could send a note to someone, or give them a phone call, or just make a point of saying ‘thank you’. By doing so we would help to affirm others and build up their human spirit.

    Prayer: Heavenly Father, I pray that You will strengthen in me a ‘ministry of encouragement’ that I may always be ready with the right word or action to build up my fellow Christians. Amen.

  8. I agree. A lack of encouragement can be a reason that stops people from moving forward in stuff. A little thank you can make a BIG difference.

    Keep the thoughts coming!!

  9. I was decorating a few weeks back. As I looked at my bedroom I thought WHERE ON EARTH DO I START!!! Wardrobes full of stuff, shelves overladen, stuff everywhere and thats before a wall is stripped or carpets taken up. As I considered where I was going to start I began to ponder on how we can have the same attitude on tasks we take on in life. If I want to be a teacher, if I want to become the person I am purposed to be, if I want to become wiser, if I want to become less afraid of life, if I want to run a marathon,lose weight, go to America. First of all I needed to know what I wanted my bedroom to look like ( This could be called vision ). Then I needed to break down the processes needed to complete the job. For example, I would not be able to paint the wall until I had taken the wallpaper off and filled the holes ( this is whats known as planning ). Finally, and this is the BIG ONE, your not going to like it! Once you’ve done it there is no turning back……are you ready………START!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!COMENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whatever you like to call it, to complete it you need to start it.

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