Yesterday was fun! Which is exactly what Church should be.

Xcel Darlington has only existed since March but what a journey. I still feel a novice at Pastoring. I am learning fast that once you think you have it understood, something new comes along. I am continually humbled that people have bought in to us as a couple, the vision of Xcel and the Darlington venue.

Yesterday was our 1st ‘giveaway’ at Darlington. An opportunity to bless and honour some people, the teams and give all the children a Christmas present. The bonus…129 people in Central Hall. Best day ever. The problem is you just want that many every time!!

Hoping and believing that 2009 sees Xcel Darlington break the 100 barrier every week. As each one of us plays their part I know that it is more than possible. Add God into the equation then who knows what could happen!!

3 thoughts on “A Great Day

  1. It was a great day indeed! A great way to spend my Birthday in Church on Sunday for so many reasons.
    Here is a link to a photo taken on that day…

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