Is there such a word?

The birth of Jesus is truly incredible. Unfortunately the world ignores it most of the time. That God would send His only Son to the world is the ultimate act of giving. A sacrificial act as well, seeing Jesus lay aside all His majesty and become a man.

Born in such inconspicuous circumstances…the world did not understand what was happening. I’m afraid to say it still doesn’t understand the truth about Jesus. Given as a price for our sins. God sent Jesus to take the punishment that was ours. That is amazing.

Such grace. Such mercy. Such love.

Don’t let the doing of Christmas distract you too much. Enjoy the time with family, enjoy the food, enjoy the presents but make sure you do one thing…take a moment this Christmas to remember the truth of it all. Grab a few minutes with God to say thank you, to thank Him for He has done in your life. To thank God for new beginnings. For the birth that was the start of the journey towards redemption.

I pray that everyone who reads this post would live in the fullness of all that God has for them. Jesus is for life, not just for Christmas. Receive the greatest gift this year and make 2009 a year you will never forget.


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