Christmas is great but it’s so easy to become lazy, use it as an excuse to not read the Word, pray or get with God. Talk about needing some determination to stay on track, keep waiting on God and standing strong in Him. Don’t let the excuse of ‘family time’ distract you from the purposes of God for your life.

I am excited for Sunday. Believing God for a great time of praise and worship, shake off the Christmas fluff and focus on Him for a time. The Christian walk is about more than just grabbing a moment with God but if that’s all you can manage then go for it. Grab a hold of God and give Him your very best.

I am excited for Sunday. Hearing the Word from 5 different speakers this week. I always find that when we do this God always shows up. When you are not used to speaking a God-inspired word then you certainly rely on God to speak through you. Expect the unexpected this week.

I am excited about Sunday. God will be there. I pray that the Holy Spirit will move upon people’s lives. There is something powerful about getting with other Christians, worshipping, praying, hearing the Word. If you want to see change in your life then it could be argued that not going to Church is unacceptable. Do whatever it takes to be there…it could change your life forever.

Add to that the influence that you can play in another’s personal destiny then why would you not be at Xcel Church on Sunday and bring someone with you too.

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