There are other areas that could always do with a fresh look, a new sense of determination, a purposeful shake up to create movement in the right direction, to encourage growth and to see the right kind of fruit being produced.

Getting the right relationships with the right people. Those who can add value to me and to whom I can add value. As a Pastor there are certain individuals that I feel I MUST develop good relationships with, learning about them, understanding them, giving them time to catch my heart for Darlington and for the power of synergy to kick in.

When it comes to relationships some of my goals include…
1. Have regular time with Kerina – make dates with each other, chase her again. Our marriage is important to me. As a value I must take responsibility for making sure we spend time together, yes talking about Church stuff but not just that. We need to have some fun time too. It all makes for healthy marriage, which makes for happy kids, which makes for a peaceful home.
2. Spending time with my 3 girls. Helping them do life well, teaching them about God. Identifying some stuff that we can do together – need to talk to them about that. It’s not just about what I want to do but also what they want to do.
3. Building & nurturing friendships with key people – particularly with Xcel Darlington in mind. There is a mix of people here – those I need to be sharing my heart with more regularly, those I need to be investing in, some to be accountable to. Part of this is meeting with them, sharing ideas together, enjoying the Xcel Darlington journey much more closely.

All relationships end up somewhere. If you are not careful they can end up somewhere and then you are left wondering how did they get there. I am determined to not let that happen.

What will you be doing in 2009 to make the most of your key relationships?

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