imagesFor a small book – only just over 100 pages, it packs a BIG punch. Picked it up at Xcel Conference at ALC Bradford where the author, Pastor Dino Rizzo was speaking. Loved his way of thinking and was intrigued enough to buy the book.

By looking at what could be described as crisis moments in people’s worlds, he gets you imagining what their personal turning point must have been like. The encounter with Jesus, the emotion of it, the risk perhaps, the excitement, the step of faith, the difference it made.

Right at the end he says this ‘Sometimes a turning point is just for us….Sometimes a turning point is for us and our household….Sometimes a turning point is for our entire community….Sometimes a turning point is for generations to come’. Above all ‘turning points are opportunities for God to draw us closer to Him.’

Challenged me to think about the turning points in my life. Might even use the thought as a preaching theme. Hope that ok.

Highly recommended. Get your copy here.

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