Last two areas of action for me during 2009: health and work.

Never been great at exercising. However I am aware that I am not fully serving God when I love Him in my heart but neglect to look after my body. Now I am not about to take on the p90x challenge that my friend Chezz has been doing – you can check that out here.

Here are my more modest goals for 2009…
1. Eat more fruit & veg and less chocolate/cake
2. Get to bed before midnight at least 4 nights per week
3. Get some form of regular exercise – looking for a squash partner to play at least once a week, plus will look to have one good walk a week too. Not much I know but its a start.

Work. Easy for us to say that our work is not what or where we believe God wants us but nonetheless its where we are. I love Pastoring, I love the Community stuff I do, I love Life Coaching…here are some thoughts on how I can develop my giftings in these areas as well as targets for achievement…

1. Life Coaching
Need to be more determined to make this successful. I have just completed a short course and have my business plan set before me which includes income & client targets.

If you want a life coach or want to know more then check out this website.

2. Pastoring
Still feel overwhelmed by this role at times. I am excited about where the journey will take me in 2009. I guess most of the thoughts about this year will all help me in becoming the person God wants me to be.

I have mentors in Pastoring who I look up to, learn from and take advice from.
Reading helps me gain knowledge too. My book target for the year is 25. Already piling them ready and starting to include some good theology type teaching books now as well.

3. Cloud None Community Work
Really enjoy this. My role is oversight and line managing employees as Chair of the Trustees. Not sure of goals yet…except that it includes the successful gaining of much funding!!

What are you thoughts and goals for 2009? Anyone willing to become accountable in their desires for 2009?

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