Gonna be unpacking this thought for the next 3 weeks at Xcel Darlington and hopefully in a way that will challenge people’s thinking and expectations for 2009.

These are not new thoughts but sometimes the best thoughts are the ones that we get reminded of. You know, that friendly kick up the backside in your thinking. The obvious stuff we so easily forget.

Started reading my Bible again just after Christmas. Read Genesis Chapters 1-5. Was thinking about destiny, purpose and living life in that manner when God had a moment of brilliance on me…

1. We were created to rule, not be ruled.
It was the way God created us. To have dominion. Not in a bossy manner but that we are to have control of the world that we live in. Over our thoughts, our emotions, our finances, our attitudes, our relationships. If we don’t, they rule us and we live life according to their influence. (Gen 1:26-28)

2. We were provided with boundaries.
Need to learn to stay within in our boundaries. Overstepping them can be dangerous. Not guarding them can allow wrong things to influence us. Then we suffer the consequences. We can set boundaries. They define what we are. They define what we are not. What comes in and what we let out. (Gen 2:16-17)

3. We were meant to stay accountable.
Adam & Eve were placed together for a reason but they failed in this responsibility. You cannot succeed in getting locked on to your destiny without accountability. Support, encouragement, challenge, confrontation. It is an incredibly powerful resource we so readily neglect. A momentary lapse in this relationship can cost so much! (Gen 3:8)

4. We were designed to experience multiplication.
That is God’s divine plan for each one of us. Perhaps you may not see that in your world at the moment. Nonetheless, it’s how God created it. Seed time and harvest. We reap from what is sown. It may not always be in our timing but trust me, that is all part of God’s process. He is teaching us, moulding us in to the person He wants us to become. (Gen 1:28)

Within all of this remember: Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. That’s what it means to be living the destiny God has for us…more thoughts another time.

[loved preaching this twice today…what did you think?]

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