9781590525470-11If you have read my recent posts – fresh year, fresh ideas & fresh goals then you are seeing how this book has influenced me. For anyone moving into 2009 with questions about what the future could look like, God’s calling, destiny and purpose then this book is highly recommended.

Love the way Craig Groeschel writes, very easy to read, lots of honesty. However, if you want to change then the journey Craig Groeschel takes you on, will not be as easy. The questions to challenge you, taking your intentions and transforming them into values, making difficult decisions that will help you achieve more.

Take the 5 areas and do a little check up. Honesty is never easy. Think about what you want it to look like and set some goals to move towards. Done properly, the rewards might be life-changing. To you, and to those around you too.

Get your copy here and make a choice today to have a go at making this year your best one yet.

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