This year Xcel Darlington are taking on MASSIVE MARCH and as part of it I am looking for some of the Darlo partners to get filmed, telling their story. Actually, it’s more talking casually about 2 or 3 things that are different in their life because of having God in it!

There is power in the simplicity of someone just being honest, letting people know what God has done for them. It demonstrates God’s incredible grace, it makes people think about what He is actually capable of and you cannot argue with a life changed by God. To deny it, when you know the person, is to deny the wonder working power of our God.

It will take courage, it is a challenge, it might not come naturally but what a fantastic opportunity! Hearing a story could impact someone elses world. It may influence them to change their view on God. It doesn’t need to be dramatic, just good old-fashioned truth about what God has done. Can’t argue with that.

If you are part of Xcel Darlington and would be up for it…then let me know! Are you ready…to get locked on to your destiny?

One thought on “Telling Your Story

  1. Great idea Julian, hope the Darlo guys are up for it. It can make such a difference hearing someone else’s testimony. I remember hearing Sian speaking about tithing and that spoke volumes to me, as i knew at the time she was to say the least financially challenged. Hearing her talk about giving at that time was just what I needed to hear. Max Lucado says, we each have our own story to tell and our own light to shine and if we don’t do it, then the world misses out because no-one else can. Looking forward to seeing the response from this.

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