My recent post included a list of books that I would like to read. I enjoy reading. I am always on the lookout for a good read. I don’t however read as often as I would like, which just means the pile gets bigger.

A friend of mine, Chezz, says that for those who find reading less interesting or difficult then audible books might be a great alternative. Don’t think that would work for me, I like to scribble thoughts in a book, underline stuff, highlight key points and ideas, mostly for easy reference. If I was listening I would need keep stopping, to make a note of everything I wanted to remember.

I never used to be a great reader. It is a discipline I have worked at over the last 10yrs. Here are some thoughts that might help you increase your capacity to read more…

1. Pick an interesting book. Choose carefully. Make it something that you are pretty certain you will enjoy.
2. Get a book that is recommended.
3. Choose something that is not so intimidating. For instance, you might prefer Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley as a good first leadership book to read, rather than The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes & Posner.
4. Set time aside to read. Doing this will help make it a discipline.
5. Use the chapters.They keep me on track, helping to set a target date for completing the book. Larger books can often be easier to manage with this ‘bitesize’ approach.
6. Have it close at hand. Then you can read whenever. Some people have them in the car in case of traffic delays. Maybe even left by the toilet.
7. Have a list. And make it a BIG list.
8. Put it down. If you find it hard going then leave it for a bit. Don’t give it up altogether. This is where having a list helps. Move onto the next one then come back to it later.
9. Keep reading. It might be tough at first but keeping going always makes it easier next time.

So, what are you reading right now? And what other books are on your list?

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