I haven’t been a Pastor very long. It will be one year in March. Really enjoying the journey though, doing my best to become all that God would want me to be. The people, the vision, the challenge, the determination, the prayer, the study, the believing God for change, growth, to make a difference in Darlington.

Despite my early days I think I could empathise with Moses as I read Numbers 11:11-15 and wondered does every Pastor feel like this sometimes? Frustrated with ‘the people’ that you have given by God, overwhelmed by the burden, of carrying the vision, of carrying and leading them, the disappointment that they don’t always seem to understand what is going on?

I think that God just heard the cry from the heart of a man who wanted to do his best. I think God never intended for Moses to carry it alone and was always ready and willing to bring others on board to help with carrying the load. It needs to be the same with us as Pastors…would you agree?

5 thoughts on “Does Every Pastor Feel Like This…Sometimes?

  1. I love that Moses was real with God and even said that he couldnt speak properly!! God knew he could do it with his help.. and we can do all things in Christ who strengthens us.

    Pastors definately need help..from God and from the Church. My prayer is that people will be raised up to help you and Kerina ,Julian. Indeed you dont have too bad a bunch :o)

    It is an amazing and im sure difficult path being a pastor but the rewards must be fantastic.
    How wonderful we have everything we need in “him” to fulfill our destinies.

  2. Sam, Those rewards may well be heavenly. Look at Paul’s life, beatings, ship wrecks, poverty, Whee! I don’t think there is a chose. When you are called you preach and God will handle the rest. Either make your path smooth, or give you the strength for the journey.
    I have been a Pastor since Oct. 04. Not a lot of experience. I was called into the ministry in 1979. HOW IS THAT FOR A SINNER? My favorite OT book is… yep Jonah.
    God knew. I now pastor Dayspring Bible Chapel, it was Wyoming Valley Baptist when I got there as pulpit supply in 2000. We went from an established mess to a new start in Jesus , What a ride!!! Thank you Jesus.

  3. I read that a lot of young preachers resign due to failure to reach goals and expectations. Why have them? do your best, keep humble and get out of the Lord’s way.

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