This has got me thinking. How afraid am I of getting into dialogue with someone about belief, God, the universe and stuff like that? What about you?

Is this just a cultural thing? Are we just good at having an opinion in private?

Was discussing this at work and how important being willing to have a dialogue is. How it builds trust. How it’s just honest. How it brings a vulnerableness to who we are. But not too much! The Christian faith is about so much more than we are right and you are wrong. The place for Q&A doesn’t seem to exist much these days or is that just me.

Here’s a great thought…
The willingness to dialogue is the willingness to build bridges.
The willingness to build bridges is the beginning of genuine community, friendship and the opportunity for real conversations.

Would love peoples thoughts on the importance of dialogue in church and perhaps some reasons why we step away from it? Please share your thoughts today…

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