Don’t seem to be able to shake this whole dialogue thought. Would really love some interaction [dialogue] from people…

Loving the thought of seeing dialogue as a means to becoming a builder of bridges. Bringing people together, connecting different-minded people with one another.

Was reminded about what Isaiah 58:12 says
‘Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings’.

Is this not the power of great conversation? Not chatter. I mean real conversation. A group of people discussing something meaningful. Repairing, restoring, building. Laying foundations in another person’s life. So…what are you talking about?

How much time is spent on meaningful, bridge building conversation?
How much time is spent on the rest?

That’s not an accusation or meant as condemnation. Just an honest reflection from me on my world. I’ll go first and say that I am great friend of Christians but I don’t think this Pastor is going to be accused of being a friend of sinners. (I’m not saying that in a good way).

I don’t lack the desire to connect with others. I want Xcel Church and especially Xcel Darlington where I am Pastor to be a place for all. Bring people. Let’s open up the table, let’s talk. Let’s be honest about some stuff and let’s talk about things that really matter.

Does that make sense? Would you agree?

One thought on “What Are You Talking About?

  1. i think people need people that’s why God said “man should not be alone”. as every one knows i’m a great talker!……ok ok stop
    we can all chatter on, but real conversations with real people is fantastic. i believe you can learn from everyone. i’m not sure that most people dont like communicating or just scared to open up and talk. let’s face it, everyone thinks there right at some point. just the other day i was talking to my driving partner (who i spend many hours in a wagon with) said to me what makes me think that i’m right and he is wrong, (we were talking about believing in God). i replied and said for…
    1, i dont think i’m right…i might be wrong.
    2, i said to him what make you think that your right?
    i then went on to say to him that 1,it’s my believe 2, it’s my faith.

    In conversations i’ve found that it’s then, when i see, i have built respect and trust in that relationship, so when questions start coming at me it’s amazing how things turn out. all because it started with them. because i’m a good talker i think it’s great when you get people thinking and thought provoking. i’ve found in these times of conversations you can find yourself discussing something meaningful, repairing, restoring, and helping another person’s life.

    I believe that it’s our duty to “get locked on” to communicating with people.
    start conversations snd start thought provoking thinking within people.

    I remember Ian Green said “talking to people is like fishing, only give people a little bait, and wait for them to bite for more”.

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