Xcel Church is having 3 days of prayer & fasting. I hope if you are a partner with us that you will take this opportunity to get involved in something which naturally speaking does not make sense BUT in God, supernaturally, CAN seriously make a difference.

Here are some thoughts that I have observed from my own prayer and fasting experiences…

1. Fasting won’t kill you. It will be tough, especially 3 days but you will survive. I have confessed previously how bad I am at fasting. This year though I have committed to fasting at least 37 days. I recently did my first days. I prayed a lot, just asking God to help me not to eat!

2. It requires determination. Commit and stay committed. The struggle for me is that I have to still feed the kids which is tough. If you can, take yourself away from the food, it will help you stay committed.

3. Pray with faith. Get that one thing on your heart that you are believing for a breakthrough in and just pray for it, all the time. Obviously, Xcel Church are praying too so get to a prayer meeting. Check out what my Senior Leader John Greenow has said we will be praying for.

4. Read your Bible. This is serious stuff. When you read the Word during a time of fasting I am convinced that it jumps off the page even more than normal. You are definitely giving yourself a time of tuning into God.

How about sharing your journey here. What are you praying for? Will you be fasting…how is it going?

Prayer Meetings Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. 7am-8am & 7pm-8pm. See you there!

One thought on “Time For a Breakthrough

  1. Enjoyed the early morning prayer meeting today. If nothing else it proved that I can rise early, get up without waking anyone, which means I can pray at home too.

    What are you doing for the 3 days of prayer & fasting?

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