Reading the book of Joshua….love it.

Moses did get to see God face to face but he also got to roam around the desert for 40 years with a bunch of whingers (at times). His frustration with them caused him to act rashly once which meant that he missed out on the ultimate prize.

Think about this. Joshua got to hang out with Moses. He experienced all the things Moses experienced stood by the side of Moses AND then got the privilege of taking the Israelites into the promised land.

He took the steps of promise.
He went where they had not gone before.
He saw even more amazing things done by the Lord.
He was God’s man for an incredible season.

I love that he never tried to do things his way. One solid lesson he probably learned from observing Moses was to make sure you do things the way God instructs. The taking of Jericho does not make sense other than it’s an exercise in trusting God. What a destiny!

Where is God taking me that I have never been before?
Am I willing to do things Gods way?

As I read Joshua certain things jump out to me…
…those in the land to be taken knew they were coming.
…they had heard about what God had done.
…because he did it Gods way God made him famous in the region.

Much to ponder. What do you think?

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