New series starts on Sunday. Been thinking about during the week and now starting to get my thoughts together. There is almost too much that you could talk about in a series like this so I am praying that God helps me to focus. If I travel down too many rabbit trails I’ll never make any sense.

Here are some immediate thoughts…
Church is a team event.
You cannot do Church on your own. If you do then move to another Church.
Church is definitely a God idea.
Being in the ‘God Squad’ should not necessarily be considered a bad thing.
Spectating is easy. Being on team takes responsibility.
Winning teams win for a reason.
A team is made up of all sorts of members.
It’s better to be a winning team. The alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.
If you don’t like the idea of Team Church then you are in the wrong place.

Team Church means…
…moving from opinion to ownership.
…moving from watching to working.
…moving from me-ism to we-ism (courtesy of Kevin Gerald)
…you getting involved and taking it as seriously as it deserves

Find your position. Find out more about TEAM CHURCH.
11am Xcel Church: All Venues: Darlington, Durham, Aycliffe.

3 thoughts on “Team Church

  1. Its great being part of a team.. I dont think we are meant to go it alone. Its good to have a sense of belonging and responsability and being stretched is so beneficial. We have one life and I want to live it to the full.. serving is a great start ( courtesy of Kerina) ;o)

  2. Humbled by my eldest daughter leaving a comment on my blog. Better watch what I say about her now I know she is reading the posts!

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