This is one of those ‘ouch’ type posts. Prayer. Is it the forgotten part of being a Christian? Is that thing that someone else does? Hope not. Everyone needs to pray. Everyone should want to be prayed for too. Never miss the opportunity.

Just finished 3 days of prayer and fasting at Xcel Church. It wasn’t easy getting up at 6.15am but I showed myself that I can do it. Did you? Did you make it to any one of the 6 prayer meetings. Did you fast…something, anything? Did you push yourself, believe for breakthrough? Did you make sure that the ministry you are involved in got prayed for?

Prayer is our responsibility. The Bible says that we do not have, because we do not ask. Jesus took himself to a place where he could spend time with his Father. If it was essential for Jesus then surely we must take it more seriously.

I do not speak a someone who is the master of this. Default mode is possibly set wrong. I fill my time with so much insignificant stuff that I often lose sight of the significance of prayer. The power that a prayer of faith can bring. REMEMBER: the prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.

So, be honest…how did you do? What could you do differently?

3 thoughts on “Did You Pray?

  1. …Well, I don´t know whether or not you´re Catholic, I´m, and I´d like to share with you my personal experience… I DO pray, (although you don´t believe me), I must confess it is not easy to find time to pray… life is full with all kind of tasks, which make you just think only about them… but, I always try to pray, it doesn´t matter if I do it too late in the night, or too early in the morning, the point is to pray, with the Bible, or without… it doesn´t matter if I pray with a lot of words, or with just a few… the point is to pray… it doesn´t matter if I pray in my bedroom, or in the yard, the point is to pray… to pray…
    One essencial thing of being a Catholic is to pray… and we must not forget that.

  2. well getting up early is always i always get up at 04:45am for work.
    Prayer…. i love it!!! ali and i love to pray. we can’t understand christians who don’t like to pray. keep it simple, know God’s word and quote it. prayer is how we communicate with God. my prayers are just like a conversation. i have a relationship God and talk to him like my father, who sticks closer to me than anyone i know…he’s my best friend.
    the bible says “pray without ceasing” i take this as all day every day 24/7 at any point i can pray (talk) to God. being honest here tonight (fri) i went to the prayer meeting, man i felt the power of God tonight while praying for some of the youth and the PY Leaders. like a donkey on a waffle God was all over me. here’s the honest part going to a prayer meeting is hard for me, as once i start praying and getting in the zone i don’t like to be disturbed. tonight the men were invited to pray for the younger lads. praying for people is something i love to do, i know i’m called to pray…but arn’t we all.

  3. The lord took me on a journey of fasting and praying that lasted for almost a year and culminated in a 40 day fast, then a three week break and then another 40 day fast. Then he showed me why he had asked of me such a high price. That was 6 years ago and he’s still showing me. As for me, I am now an empty vessel.

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