Early start today.

Committed to seeing change.
Committed to seeing something new happen in my life, in my family, in Xcel Church and Xcel Darlington. 90 days for a change.

So…with that in mind, determined to get up earlier than usual to have a good time of prayer today.

God is good. Reminded of that this morning. Psalm 103…forget not all His benefits, forgiveness, healing, love, tender mercies…so much. To thing that all of that is available for everyone. Makes me even more focused on doing everything I can to reach people, to help others reach people, to build a thriving congregation at Xcel Darlington.

I think I am becoming more aware that this is serious business.
I think I am becoming more aware of the daily choices and disciplines it takes to achieve something great for God.
I think I am becoming more aware of how much I need God and how much He wants me to need Him. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, not all things through me.

How was Monday morning for you?

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning…Day 2

  1. Monday morning was good – determined to make some changes. Got up at 6am to read my bible & pray. Going to be honest here – I’ve let things slide & coasting is not a good way to move! I realise that I need to stick close to God, he is my strength & through him all things are possible. So with that in mind I’m believing for some great things for Xcel Darlo over the next 90 days (& beyond).

    Thanks for a great leadership session yesterday morning. Respect to you for the gentle reprimand – will definitely be fasting on Wednesday.

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