Believing God for change. Learning that I must wait for God.

Reading through 1 Samuel. Chapter 13: 7-12 really jumped out at me today. I saw something that I had never noticed before. Saul demonstrated an inability to wait. This character flaw cost him his kingship. Saul has waited 7 days, the time set by Samuel but the people are getting restless so he decides to make the offering himself.

When confronted by Samuel his words are amazing….
I SAW that the men were scattering…
I THOUGHT the enemy would come and attack
I FELT compelled to act

How many times when I have been waiting on God, holding out for God, believing God for change, did I not just keep waiting but act on my own initiative?

It might SEEM okay to me but is it what God wants?
I might THINK it will be okay but is it what God really wants?
I might FEEL that I had no option but is that really true?

In these 90 days of focused prayer and times of fasting I must be determined to just keep waiting. If I want to see God change things then I must not succomb to the urge to change things myself. After all as Samuel said later in 1 Samuel obey is better than sacrifice. Patience. Faith. Trust. Easy to say not so easy to hold on to.

Ever experienced this?
Ever acted on your own compulsion instead of waiting for God?

2 thoughts on “Change Your View…Day 4

  1. Hi Julian

    You know, I spent all my unsaved life doing this very thing, thinking I had to make things happen. In actuallity all I made was a mess.

    It’s a bit of a rude awakening when we are in Christ thinking we are going along smoothly, “I’ve got it sussed!” mentallity and we realise we have been sticking our fingers in God’s pudding.

    He is so gracious with us though, He is always ready for us to turn around.

    It seems this was Saul’s big problem too. He couldn’t turn around. Hope I can be ready to turn around when I wake up to the facts.

  2. Hey Julian, just thought I’d let you know that message was preached here 2 weekends ago!
    So…on fire Julian!
    One of the leaders were talking about that whole portion about, SAW, THOUGHT & FELT.
    You hiding in the wings somewhere?
    Cool though.

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