97815813497572This book is a must read for any Christian, wherever you are in life. You don’t need to be a Pastor or leader to read this. Why? It will load you up with answers to questions that people actually ask and that is incredibly important.

Thank God for Christian leaders who can communicate answers to those questions in a way that the people listening can understand. Who know their stuff. Who are not afraid to sometimes just tell it like it is. That is real, honest Christianity. That makes it accessible for anyone.

As a Pastor, I am always feeling that my theology is a little light at times. I study, I read, I chew over stuff and meditate. This book is more than a good read but a whacking great big toolbox, full of reference, full of insight and full of truth. Very much timeless answers to timely questions.

Get your copy here and get some knowledge that can help you reach the people around you. No more do you need to say that you don’t have the answers.

Anyone else read this? Care to leave a review?

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