When I read the story of David, anointed as King but not yet King, I marvel at his ability to continue to do the right thing, despite everything that was going on around him. He displays the opposite characteristics to those that Saul demonstrated.

Saul grew impatient.
Saul went with the crowd.
Saul was easily persuaded.
That’s why Saul missed out on God’s best for his life.

On the other hand, David was presented with ample opportunity to ‘deal with Saul’, even encouraged by his men to do so, dressing it up as something provided by the Lord. David holds on to his integrity, twice and proves that those who can do this, will not miss out on what God has prepared for them. It keeps you locked on to your destiny.

I am excited about what God is getting ready to do, in my life and in the life of Xcel Church. I truly believe that Xcel Darlington is ready to explode with growth, provided that we do it Gods way. As I believe for change over these 90 days, it would be easy to get frustrated when things don’t take the shape I think they should. Staying faithful is never easy, God never said it would be.

Tell us…
What do you when God has not come through yet?
Have you ever felt like you missed out because you didn’t wait for God?
Do you struggle sometimes with God’s timing on stuff?

I’ve been here before and will probably come this way again.

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One thought on “Hold On…The Moment Will Come [Day 5]

  1. God and I often have different watches on.. I think its now time and he clearly doesnt hehe.

    The peace came when I just trusted that God knew best and things will happen when the timing is perfect. I am learning when it doesnt happen at all that it is Gods will, as long as I have played my part in trying the doors that may be open.. If its not right he has kept the door closed ( Thank goodness )

    Part of getting time wrong is a good learning curve.. God doesnt say I told you so.. more I taught you so :o)

    Sometimes when I dont get my own way I have a little pity party in the corner but I am learning to trust him more the more I understand him.

    I will see my husband come into the fullness of Christ.. just when God says it will happen and not not when I demand it and by applying thumb skrews ( although I would like to haha )

    The old saying ” Let go and let God ”

    I am massively excited at this coming year ( im sure I will get all of my own way..well nearly, my intentions are good and it is to see growth in the body ( spiritually) and growth in people being saved and joining us at Darlo.

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