(Still laughing to self at attempts last Sunday to lead the Team Church cry)

Day 7…
Amidst some family time the day involved final thoughts on tomorrows message. Continuing the TEAM CHURCH theme.

Teams are everywhere. Teams are incredibly powerful. To achieve any sense of greatness we must be willing to work with others. Getting behind that common cause, laying down our own ideas and agendas to see the vision come to pass.

Teams must be TENACIOUS
Teams must be ENLARGING
Teams must be ADAPTABLE

Pastor John spoke about this at Aycliffe last Sunday evening, so I am taking the words and adding my own twist. We are Xcel Church but Xcel Darlington’s journey has only just begun. It’s a challenge to all of us to be on team, play our part and be willing to do ‘whatever’ it takes.

Don’t allow yourself to be the person who only speaks a good game. Actions often speak louder. As we unpack these thoughts – are you ready for the challenge? Are you ready to make it happen? To win something? To get on the pitch, get in the action and work alongside others to make a difference for God in your town?

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4 thoughts on “Team Church: Part 2

  1. We’re in…!!! Both of us!
    At connect group this week we were talking about vision. But what I still love to hear (nothing profound) is that, we have unity within the team when we can say “our vision” rather than the pastors vision, or Xcels vision. If we don’t believe that Xcels vision is also ours then we’re not like minded and certainly not heading in the same direction.
    So it’s very important to have a team of like minded, same purpose and same focus individuals for the vision to come to pass!

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